Increase Wine Sales and Profits

Upsell Premium Wines, Reduce Wine Wastage If you serve wine by the glass or are considering this for your operation, a WineEmotion Wine Dispensing and Preservation System is essential. WineEmotion allows your wine by the glass menu to be extended to your premium wines therefore increasing your sales revenue. The variable LED lighting and the […]


Beautiful Italian Design, Fully Customisable Italian style and design and innovative technology lie at the heart of all WineEmotion products. The simple clean lines of the machine are accentuated by the stainless steel finish whilst the discreet nature of the buttons and display permits the optimal promotion of the main protagonist: the wine! The WineEmotion […]

Fine Wine Preserver System

Premium Wines by the Glass without the Risk Opening a bottle of wine introduces oxygen into the bottle and to the wine which activates bacteria (that is naturally present in grapes).  The activation of these natural bacteria in the wine will lead to the wine flattening out – the colour will eventually fade, its flavours […]

Self-Serve Wine Systems

A Unique and Engaging Wine Experience The WineEmotion system offers a variety of functional uses to suit your operation through the use of innovative technological features that are both proven and reliable. The base model can be managed from the back of the bar or serving counter, for your staff use only (without a card […]


Technological Excellence, High Quality Materials, Innovation and Design: The Perfect Combination Engineered for commercial use, each WineEmotion system is hand crafted using the finest grade industrial parts to minimize your maintenance costs. Designed to take the rigors of a high-traffic environment, they are built to withstand even the most tenacious user. Unlike other wine dispensers built with […]


Keep Track of Wine Sales and Serving Staff WineEmotion’s integrated software, WineIDEA, allows you to keep track of your wine sales.  A wide range of reports allows the extensive analysis of your wine by the glass data. The WineEmotion systems also make it simple for management to monitor bar staff and wine servers – there […]

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