Self-Serve Wine Systems

A Unique and Engaging Wine Experience

The WineEmotion system offers a variety of functional uses to suit your operation through the use of innovative technological features that are both proven and reliable. The base model can be managed from the back of the bar or serving counter, for your staff use only (without a card reader). An optional Digital Fingerprint device can be used to permit easy use and to monitor the access of everyone who uses your WineEmotion system.

Self-serve systems are available in the WineEmotion range, offering a unique and engaging wine experience to your clients. With the use of wine cards through chipped card and RFID systems, easy access to all functions of the system are made available to your clients. By paying a predetermined amount to their wine card, your clients are free to discover at their leisure the range of wines by the glass that your WineEmotion system offers.

The self-serve systems work in various applications: wine bars and hotels can position the WineEmotion system within the client seating area or other public areas, allowing your clients to purchase their wine at their convenience whilst easing the pressure on your serving staff; wine merchants, wineries and tasting shops can provide a wide range of wines by the glass in the retail area, allowing clients to experience the wine offered prior to purchasing wine for their collections. Key-controlled security and user-determined programmable measures facilitate the self-serve functions.

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Jason Fletcher of SIP Demonstrates WineEmotion Card Access Customer Use

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