CINQUE Wine Station

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Lifting bottles system
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Split Zones 3x2

The WineEmotion CINQUE Wine Station

Technological Innovation, Durable Construction and Beautiful Italian Design

The CINQUE model combines quality, design, elegance and silent functioning at the top of its category. This automated wine dispenser has a uniquely controlled climatic area, allowing for the placement of five bottles in a space-saving and compact design.

All of the benefits of the WineEmotion system are brought together in the CINQUE model, improving your wine program by increasing your profits and reducing your wine spoilage and wastage. The WineEmotion CINQUE is recommended for small installations such as showrooms or executive lounges or where space is limited behind the bar or serving counter.

The CINQUE model can be customised to make your WineEmotion unique for your establishment and is available in refrigerated and ambient temperature versions.


Key features:

  • 30 Days Preservation
  • Precise Measure Control
  • Three Volume Measures
  • Wine Cards with Software
  • Single or Dual Temperature
  • Beautiful Bottle Display
  • Compact Sleek Design
  • 2 Year Warranty
Download CINQUE Wine Station Brochure