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The WineEmotion OTTO

Technological Innovation, Durable Construction and Beautiful Italian Design

The OTTO is designed with its classic Italian styling to enhance any bar, restaurant or wine store. This automated wine dispenser has a uniquely controlled climatic area, allowing for the placement of eight bottles within the machine to ensure the maximum sales potential of your wine program.

Sturdy construction makes the OTTO perfect for any commercial setting whilst its stylish design and advanced features set the OTTO apart from similar wine dispensing systems on the market. Owning a WineEmotion OTTO will enhance your wine sales and communicate to your customers the calibre of your wine program as well as increasing the profits and margins of your wine sales.

The OTTO model can be customized to make your WineEmotion unique for your establishment and is available in refrigerated and ambient temperature versions.


Key features:

  • 30 Days Preservation
  • Precise Measure Control
  • Three Volume Measures
  • Wine Cards with Software
  • Single Temperature
  • Beautiful Bottle Display
  • Compact Sleek Design
  • 2 Year Warranty
Download OTTO Brochure