QUATTRO Wine Dispenser Machine

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Split Zones 2x2

The WineEmotion QUATTRO Wine Dispenser Machine

4-Bottle Wine Dispenser (single or dual temperature) for staff and free-serve use.

The QUATTRO is an entry-level dispenser that maintains the principles of unparalleled technology and elegant design synonymous with the WineEmotion range. It is built to handle the rigors of any commercial setting, with a space-saving and compact design for back-bar, staffed or free-serve use. The integral gas option allows the operator the flexibility of moving the dispenser with minimal disruption. Recommended for wine producers or importers, or for smaller installations such as small wine shops, wine bars, clubs or perfect for use in private homes.

Key Features:

  • 30 Days Preservation
  • Precise Measure Control
  • Three Volume Measures
  • Single or Dual Temperature
  • Integral Gas Cartridge
  • Beautiful Bottle Display
  • Compact Sleek Design
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Entry Level Price
Download QUATTRO Wine Dispenser Machine Brochure