Beautiful Italian Design, Fully Customisable

Italian style and design and innovative technology lie at the heart of all WineEmotion products. The simple clean lines of the machine are accentuated by the stainless steel finish whilst the discreet nature of the buttons and display permits the optimal promotion of the main protagonist: the wine!

The WineEmotion system is equipped with a colour LED lighting system that makes it possible to adjust the light tones of the machine according to the lighting in the area of installation through intelligent led RGB technology. Lighting effects can also be created with devices connected to a home automation system.

WineEmotion has fully customisable features to allow designers and operators to make a commercial wine dispenser their own. Four main features of our machines can be customised: the sides, the coasters, the display area, and the screen printing on the front.

• Colours – the front and side panels can be personalised with a range of nine eye-catching colours.  Should your preference not be found, special requests can be commissioned to suit all of your design needs.

• Covers – the choice of colours is further extended by the addition of original, natural wood covers to the side of the machine, available in six stylish wood varieties. The wooden covers can be put on the machine before, during or after installation for customization in any style from classic to modern.

• Screen Printing – The screen printing on the front of the dispenser is tailored to the specific needs of the client, with three different basic screen printing textures available. However, upon request, these can be customized by the Artwork department to offer the client alternate options such as their logo or branding.

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