Fine Wine Preserver System

Premium Wines by the Glass without the Risk

Opening a bottle of wine introduces oxygen into the bottle and to the wine which activates bacteria (that is naturally present in grapes).  The activation of these natural bacteria in the wine will lead to the wine flattening out – the colour will eventually fade, its flavours will subdue and the aromas will become less distinct. Whilst the wine isn’t spoiled in exactly the same way food can become spoiled, it can still be unpleasant to drink.

WineEmotion systems dispense wine directly from the bottle to the glass whilst preserving the wine’s organic properties with food nitrogen gas (an inert gas that prevents alteration of the wine through oxidation). The wine, therefore, remains as fresh as when the bottle is first uncorked for up to 30 days. Wine enthusiasts will instantly be able to recognise wine that has started to flatten out due to oxidisation, usually detected by the nose – with a WineEmotion system, you are assured that the wine you serve your clients is in perfect condition, allowing you to promote your wine by the glass range with complete confidence.

Featuring patented ISOL-PLUS™ Total Isolation Technology, WineEmotion is the only wine dispenser of its kind that preserves each bottle in its own isolated environment to avoid aromatic cross-contamination – the vast majority of wine spoilage is detected through the distinct aroma of each wine. Preserving each open bottle for up to 30 days with food safe gas pressurization, WineEmotion systems provide you the opportunity to offer your clients with an enhanced selection of wines by the glass, to include premium wines, without the risk of wine spoilage.

While other preservation systems use the same argon or nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation, WineEmotion is the first system that uses independent pressurization valves to keep each bottle preserved individually. Particular care has been taken in regards to the design of the dispensing tap, combining the best technologies for cleaning and maintenance as well as the innovative ISOL-PLUS™ technology ensuring the total isolation of each bottle within the WineEmotion system.


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