Technological Excellence, High Quality Materials, Innovation and Design: The Perfect Combination

Engineered for commercial use, each WineEmotion system is hand crafted using the finest grade industrial parts to minimize your maintenance costs. Designed to take the rigors of a high-traffic environment, they are built to withstand even the most tenacious user. Unlike other wine dispensers built with interchangeable attachment nozzles, WineEmotion systems eliminate mechanical stress by minimizing moving parts.

The WineEmotion display is designed to offer you maximum functionality. The mechanical buttons for operating the unit are of exceptional quality and strength and particularly resistant to wear and tear. The custom-made graphical LCD display permits full control of the on-screen data.

Further advanced technological features include:

  • Refrigeration system
    Modern professional cooling system, high-performance
    (unless ambient model chosen) 
  • Service temperature
    Temperature range from 7 to 18°C . The Quattro+4 dispenser is equipped with a double climatic chamber in order to manage at the same time both red and white wines
  • Self-Serve options with wine cards, chipped card and RFID systems 
  • Led lighting system, intelligent led RGB technology 
  • Flex technology
    Both the classic 4+4 and the new 5+3 bottle configurations available (optional)
  • Lifting bottles system
    Lifting system with pneumatic pistons
  • Three owner determined, pre-programmable measures to suit your operation 
  • WineIDEA software to monitor wine sales, available in four versions to meet any needs 
  • Interfacing between forms – through LAN wire and WI/FI with TCP/IP protocol (optional)

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